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  • Mohamed | Jan 06 1:45 PM

    This is probably the best bike tilraer designs that I've ever seen. With features like solar and wind power, solar hot water, sink, stove, cooling fan and mister, shower. What really blew me away was the built in solar food dryer. Now how many people have one of those in their tilraers? Did you notice that it looks like he has what might be a herb garden on the front also.I suppose for a more permanent design it would be better to curve the front to more of a teardrop shape for less drag.

  • Alejandra | Jan 04 2:16 AM

    We've got a Madsen, it has been great for hauling up to four of our five kids. We enjoy it. George, I have been loiknog at alternate bar setups for my bike. What have you done? Are those Albatross bars? The camera angle may be deceiving, they seem to have more rise.

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  • Gertie | Jan 02 11:27 PM

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